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Indoor-Units: a symbiotic product as a solution for a planning problem
In Switzerland there are more than 350 brownfield sites that all together offer an unused potential floor area of about 17 million m2. The revitalization of large spaces like all kind of production halls encounters a big obstacle, because the main demand aims at small structures. In order to merge supply and demand the CTI-project* «Indoor-Units» developed a modular room-in-room object, which enables the temporary or permanent management of big halls, for creative economy related uses. The development of the project focuses on satisfying all three dimensions of sustainability. Ecology: reduced land consumption, efficient protection against cold without a costly insulation of the building shell. Economy: early rental income and secondary benefits such as image gain etc. Society: communal space in the hall, participative handling principles. In the autumn 2012 pilot projects should be assembled on three locations.

«Turning Brownfields Green»
Read more about the Indoor-Units in an article from the International Innovation Journal (December 2012):


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